Aggregates Mining in Pennsylvania

The spring and summer of 2020 brought unprecedented change to everyone’s expectations and plans for the year. I worked hard to secure a summer internship with Laurel Aggregates in Lake Lynn, Pennsylvania and I was grateful that the opportunity was not delayed or cancelled as many others had been. I was eager to learn anything that I could, understanding that everyone was doing their part to keep the country moving throughout the uncertainty. With that being said, I can clearly say that my expectations were exceeded at Laurel Aggregates.

As my first intern experience, I was able to rotate through different positions in the company and the mine to help gain an understanding of what the industry entails. I experienced everything from management to shadowing contractors, machine operation and more. Through this, I was able to see the challenges that I may face in this field as well as observe common strategies for success. I had the opportunity to lead and assist in a variety of projects. My main focus was to work on a cost effective way to reduce Selenium. I also worked to prevent dust from coming off of our haul road as well as find a more efficient way for our blasters to navigate the mine and finish loading faces in a quicker manner. During my time I was tasked with daily responsibilities which would help to keep track of inventory, update mine maps and monitor safety training. When I found free time the foremen weren’t afraid to throw me into new activities. It allowed me to be trained in different equipment both in the mine and at the plant. I was able to drive a haul truck, operate a manlift and load faces with ANFO. This, along with flying the surveying drone and walking the plants to look for potential citations was a great way to get the hands-on experience that I desire in an internship.

This summer was a great reminder that my chosen field is essential to the continuous growth and success of America. I was glad to have a supportive team to work with that believed in my abilities and who were willing to teach me about their expertise in mining. I am already looking forward to building upon these lessons, as a fundamental and evolving part of our economy.