Stone Slinger

We can save you time and money. The Stone Slinger™ gives you the ability to accurately place large quantities of stone in a rapid manner. In ideal situations, the Stone Slinger™ can deposit 20 tons of stone in less than 15 minutes. How many skid steer bucket loads does it take to move 20 tons? What about wheelbarrow loads?

The Stone Slinger™ is especially useful for placing stone in areas difficult to reach with traditional material handling equipment. The high-speed conveyor belts on the Stone Slinger™ allow the operator to accurately deposit stone up to 70 ft. from the truck.

Uses Include:

Steep Slopes
Basement Fill
Ground Leveling
Foundation Preparation
Trench Backfill

Video Demonstration

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In many situations, 20 ton loads can be accurately placed in less than 15 minutes.
Even application of stone results in minimal raking.
Can be used to complete difficult backfill jobs.
Reduces labor and equipment costs by minimizing the need for skid steers and manual stone application.

Below are the names of several companies whom have benefited from the use of the Stone Slinger™.

Four Seasons

The Stone Slinger™ has been used in the Four Seasons housing development for several contractors and different types of jobs. They feel that using the Stone Slinger™ to lay their foundatins and fill their backfill is much more effective and cost efficient than to have one of their own workers take the time to do it.

They are also happy in knowing that by having the Stone Slinger™ fill in their foundations or backfill that they waste much less, if any, stone, as compared to having it dumped on the ground then moved by an excavator or other machine. For them, the Stone Slinger™ is a cost effective and efficient to get their work done.

F&M Contractors©

The Stone Slinger™ was used for F&M Contractors© on November 14th, despite the dismal rainy weather over the area that day. As you can see, they needed stone laid in many different areas as quickly as possible. Instead of having the stone dumped on the ground, then spread it manually, they chose to utilize the money and time saving abilities of the Stone Slinger™. Being in as tight of an area as they were, they used plywood to accurately place the stone as opposed to using wheelbarrows to cart it to their desired destination.