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Updated 2/16/14 – Printable List

Dear Valued Customer:

Laurel Aggregates has had a mileage-based fuel surcharge program in effect since June 1, 2004. The program has gone through several adjustments through the years as fuel costs and efficiencies have changed. Recently, an analysis was completed that looked at the improvements in fuel efficiencies in trucking equipment.

The original calculation method used in 2004 was an average of 3.5 miles per gallon of fuel burned. Fuel efficiency improvements over the last 8 years have resulted in an increased average miles per gallon burned. Based upon these findings, the revised formula will use 4.25 mpg as follows:

  • [Current Diesel Price – $3.00 (Base Diesel Price)] / 3.5 mpg = Per Mile Surcharge
  • The formula will not change, however the new miles per gallon will be used as follows:
  • [Current Diesel Price – $3.00 (Base Diesel Price)] / 4.25 mpg = Per Mile Surcharge

The Current Diesel Price has been and will continue to be calculated by averaging the prices reported by AAA for Wheeling, WV and Pittsburgh, PA. The surcharge will continue to be updated on the 1st and 16th of every month. If the Current Diesel Price falls below $3.00 per gallon when the surcharge is updated, no surcharge will be applied during that billing cycle.

The update will become effective November 1st, 2012.